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Monday, February 4, 2008

Satellite Phone-Elaborated Explaination

How is a satellite phone different from a cellular phone?

Satellite and cellular phones are wireless devices. They almost look alike but the way they work is totally different. A cellular phone functions on the basis of cells, and hence are called cell phones. The whole network area is divided into small areas and an antenna is installed in each area. These are also called towers. When a cellular phone is moving, it enters from one cell to another. When it crosses the border of one cell, the phone sends a signal to the MTSO (Mobile Telephone Switching Office). With the help of control channel the database of the MTSO relocates the phone in a new cell or area. Satellite phones use Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellites. When a satellite phone is turned on, a signal goes up to any number of satellites of a group the phone is registered with. When a person makes a call from the handset, a signal goes to the nearest orbiting satellite. The satellite connects to the gateway or ground station. Then the gateway takes the call to the destination.
The main difference is that while your mobile phone communicates with the nearest base
station, a satellite phone communicates with the nearest satellite. With satphone, one
doesn't have to worry about a network connection.Isn't that great friends.
Satphones generally communicate with low earth orbit satellites (LEOs), which are believed to
be faster and give better coverage

Comparision between-Regular cell phone Vs Satphone:

A satphone is much more heavier and bigger than a regular mobile. They also have a large
retractable antenna, which you have to pull out to establish contact with the satellite. They
are very much like the mobiles that were available 15-20 years ago.So be ready to carry an extra bag to load it.

Satellite Phone's merits-First Side of Satelite Phone:

Satphones have come as a big boon for reporters, explorers, archaeologists and the like.
Basically anyone who has to work in remote areas. In the famous TV serial Relic Hunter, the
main character is always connected no matter which remote location in the world she goes to.
That's been the story in real life too. Two explorers Steve Brooks and Quentin Smith were
stranded in a lifeboat in the ice-cold waters of the Antarctic. Steve called his wife via a
satphone (she was in London, more than 12,000 km away). A search operation was organized and they were rescued in 9 hours. A satphone can work anywhere in the world, the only condition is that you need the open sky to establish contact

Satellite Phone's demerits-Hidden side of Satellie Phone

Satphones are very popular with drug lords and terrorists mainly because you can buy satphone in one country and use indefinitely in another. Another reason for its popularity with law-breakers is that they are difficult to trace and tap by the authorities.

It's Status in India-Every Indian Residence check it:

Thuraya, Iridium, Inmarsat and Teledesic are some of the prominent players in satellite phones arena. None of them have entered the Indian market as of now. The concept of satellite
phones, though useful, has not been very successful. However, this is likely to change with
the availability of dual mode handsets that can work on both GSM and satellite network.

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