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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Know SMS 2.0 better

* SMS 2.0 is an upgrade to the consumer’s default Cellphone SMS (Messaging) application. SMS 2.0 has converged messaging, content and advertising into one seamless application.
* Bharti Airtel, the country’s largest mobile phone operator, is test marketing SMS 2.0 — the world’s first upgrade to the popular SMS application — in and around Delhi in tie-up with the UK-based Affle and MobileOne Ltd. (M1), one of the main operators in Singapore.
* It creates an interactive channel for the non-intrusive delivery of relevant content and advertising on the SMS window. The consumer chooses his interest area, and the latest information is delivered unobtrusively, while he composes or reads an SMS message.
* The mass-media interactive technology is developed by Affle and only two companies the world over have exclusive rights to this nextgen SMS service — the $4.3-billion Airtel and M1 of Singapore.
* For advertisers, it’s a killer application that will ensure their message is carried to an audience that’s all ears for it. SMS 2.0 is an eyeball-assured media where content is free.
As of now, Airtel customers can download and install SMS 2.0 onto their mobile handsets for free. However, SMS 2.0 is compatible only with select handsets — Nokia Series 60 phones, versions 7 & 8. More will be added very soon.
* The consumer chooses his interest area, and the latest information is delivered unobtrusively, while he composes or reads an SMS message. The application makes the most of the SMS screen area while retaining the simplicity of the familiar SMS entry interface.
* The default content stays at the bottom portion of the S60 screen and converts to full screen when either the message is sent or the consumer clicks on the content.
* The S60 device may either periodically or in real time update the content and ads.
* The data traffic for SMS2.0 contents and ads is not charged to the users.
* S60 2nd Edition versions are available now, and the S60 3rd Edition version will be available in Q4 2007. It is available for free.
* SMS 2.0 is different from other formats of mobile marketing as it treats the handset like any other popular mass media — that is, the subscriber uses a wide spectrum of the media to create contextual advertising opportunities.
* The user defines the mobile content by opting for advertisers in his or her area of interest. So instead of all advertisers targetting all users, the user will benefit by having only the advertiser of his choice.
* Receiving enhanced messaging features like colour SMS and emoticons will further engage the mobile SMS users.
* This will render the recently debated do-not-call-registry (DNCR) useless as it does not intrude the user privacy.
* This will also compell to redefine the strategies of recently launched “Get paid to receive SMS ads” types of websites viz. mGinger, admobi, 160by2 etc.
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Vicky said...

SMS 2.0 wil be a new creation in the history of mobility and bring new revolution i completly agree with ur view point of marketing

Asymmetrica said...
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